Rosa: Cap And Trade Main Concern For Upcoming Session

The 2019 Oregon Legislative Session starts January 22nd.  The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association’s Jerome Rosa says one of the biggest issues the Ag community will watch is the debate over Cap and Trade.  Rosa said he finds it concerning a variety of industries will be taxed on emissions, but the root problem is not being addressed.


“More and more of these lands aren’t being grazed, it increases these fine fuels, which leads to lightning strikes which leads to these catastrophic fires.  And then, proper forest management, many of these [lands] are not being thinned are not being logged off in a responsible manner.”


Rosa said proactive management is vital, since 51% of Oregon is public lands, either state or federal.  Some are concerned that with Democrats enjoying a super majority in Salem, Cap and Trade is a foregone conclusion.  But Rosa said they do have allies at the state capital.


“We have a group of moderate democrats in the House that understand business and Natural Resource issues, and we have a couple of senators, Democratic senators that we work with also.”


Rosa said other issues of importance in the 2019 session include tide gate regulations, labeling of fake meat and more.




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