Is Support For the President Starting To Wane In The Ag Community?

Could the support of the farming community, which voted overwhelmingly in favor of President Trump in 2016, be melting away?


With the trade war with China, the closure of FSA offices nationwide and so many questions remaining, many in the Ag community feel the White House has made recent years more challenging then necessary.  Representative Dan Newhouse said the length of the shutdown and its long-term impact on Ag economy will be telling.


“Honestly the calls that we’re getting in the office here are not reflecting that they’re losing their confidence in this administration, but that could change.  You know, if this is a prolonged standoff then that could certainly change.”


Newhouse went on to say most of the farming community wants improved border security.


“As well as improving our trade relations with our major trading partners.  People in agriculture understand full well how the playing field has not been level for a long time and fully support the President’s efforts to level the playing field,” Newhouse said.


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