USDA: Rural Population Up For First Time In Nearly A Decade

According to the latest edition of the USDA’s “Rural America at a Glance” study, total rural population in America increased for the first time since 2010.  Yet, as Economic Researcher John Cromartie points out, the amount of population growth, if any, in counties varies.


“Most rural counties are showing improvement in that migration in this period and in line with the overall, national trend.”


That means more people are moving into those rural counties.  Cromartie said improved net migration rates are most common in counties and regions considered retirement and recreation destinations.


“Despite that overall trend, quite a few rural counties are showing a decrease in that migration rate, and are primarily in low-density, remote areas, such as the Great Plains, in Appalachia from eastern Kentucky all the way up to Maine, and in high-poverty areas in the southeast and border areas in the southwest,” Cromartie added.


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