Newhouse: Shutdown Not Having Negative Impact On USMCA, Yet

As the partial government shutdown enters it’s fifth week, some in the Ag community are expressing concern about the long-term impacts to farmers.  A new concern is the ratification of the U.S Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA.  Representative Dan Newhouse says at this point, there has been no direct impact to the NAFTA replacement.


“You know, there’s a clock ticking on that.  Honestly the shutdown issues doesn’t really have an impact on ratification of the USMCA.”


Newhouse said despite the shutdown, there is work taking place to get the USMCA approved.


“Discussions are happening about that.  In fact I was at a meeting [January 16th] with Dr. Peter Navarro from the White House who is a trade assistant to the President, talking about the USMCA.  So, there’s outreach by the Administration, to familiarize members of Congress with the new pact.”


Newhouse added he is anxious to get the USMCA ratified and hopes lawmakers in D.C. can do so sooner rather than later.


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