NFU Calls On President Congress To Reopen The Government Immediately

December 22nd.


That’s when the partial federal government shutdown begin, and according to the National Farmers Union, the pressure is starting to impact growers nationwide.  In response, the NFU Board of directors adopted a resolution Friday, calling for an immediate reopening of the federal government.  NFU President Roger Johnson said net farm income has dropped nearly 50% in the past six year, add on top of that international uncertainty.


“President Donald Trump initiated and escalated trade wars with China and much of the rest of the world, further depressing commodity prices and damaging America’s reputation as a reliable trading partner. The government shutdown is making these matters worse.”


Johnson said the shutdown is delaying the Market Facilitation Program, which was designed to help those impacted by the trade war with China.  He added the USDA is not able to produce reports, information and data needed as we prepare for spring.  Another victim, Johnson noted, the 2018 Farm Bill, which was singed a day before the shutdown began.


“American family farmers and ranchers rely on these operations to support their livelihoods and ensure food security for the country. It is imperative that the President and Congress fund the federal government immediately.”


Click Here to read the NFU resolution.


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