Marshall Urges Trump to Continue Fighting for Farmers in Trade

U.S. Representative Roger Marshal urged President Trump to continue to fight for farmers in trade negotiations.  In a Washington Examiner opinion piece, the Kansas Republican says lawmakers were disappointed to hear the European Union say talks between the U.S. and EU “cannot include agriculture,” because it would “make it a very long and complicated negotiation.”


According to the U.S. Trade Representative, the U.S. domestic exports of agricultural products to the EU totaled $11.5 billion in 2016.  Marshall said that means the EU countries together would rank fourth as an agricultural export market for the United States.  He urged the Trump administration to “stay firm” and to “go on the offense for American producers” who are suffering from an agriculture economic downturn.


That’s the message from one Marshall added, “If agriculture isn’t in this deal, however, I and many of my colleagues will not consider it or support it.”



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