FSA To Reopen Starting Thursday

Despite the ongoing government shutdown, the USDA announced Tuesday Farm Service Agency offices will reopen this week.  Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has recalled all of the more than 9,700 FSA employees nationwide.


“We’ve persuaded OMB, through them working with us and our attorneys and our budget people working with them over finding the funds to get all of our people back to allow them to take care of our customers’ business. It’ll be more inclusive than it was on the temporary 3-day issue as well.”


FSA offices will open Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 pm weekdays.  Perdue says the hours of operation will decrease as time wears on.


“They will be coming back this Thursday, so they’ll be back Thursday and Friday, and then for a ten working day period. That means all five days next week, and all five days the week following they will be in the office to take care of all the backlogged businesses. And then they’ll be open three days a week in the weeks following.”

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