Honeyford Proposes That Washington Stay On Daylight Saving Year Round

Jim Honeyford is once again proposing legislation that would eliminate the biannual change of clocks for the state of Washington.  Two years ago, the Sunnyside Republican proposed legislation that would keep the Evergreen State on Standard Time year round.  This time, his legislation would keep Washington on Daylight Saving time.


Some said the switch from Standard to Daylight Saving benefits the farming community.


“That’s not true,” said Honeyford.  “Farmers get up at daylight and farm until dark and then they may farm a little more with tractor lights or flashlights.”


Honeyford said the non-ag community would benefit from the removal of the time change as well.  He sighted studies that say there are more automobile accidents, heart attacks and health problems and students struggle more in school the week following the change.  Honeyford added Standard Time could disappear from the entire west coast.


“The voters in California this past fall, approved an initiative to the legislature to stay on Daylight Saving time, and Oregon has copied my two bills, which adjusts them for what Oregon does, for staying on Daylight Saving time.”


In addition, Honeyford noted Idaho recently approved a resolution stating lawmakers there were watching what Washington did and how it could impact the 10 northern counties of the panhandle.  From here, Honeyford said the bill must clear the Legislature, be signed by the Governor, approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation and clear Congress.





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