Syngenta: Talinor A Good Option For Dryland Growers

Producers of Syngenta’s Talinor herbicide say it helps growers control difficult weeds. Brent Lackey, herbicide product lead at Syngenta, said good weed control starts with keeping a close eye on your fields.


“Really, the most difficult weeds that growers really need to be aware of are kochia, Russian thistle, wild buckwheat and common lambsquarters. Particularly in the Palouse region of Washington state, mayweed chamomile is also a concern. Growers also need to be on the lookout for ALS inhibitor-resistant weeds and also synthetic auxin-resistant weeds, as the market is filled with herbicides that are not actually able to control these resistant species.”


Mixability allows Talinor to be combined with herbicides that target unwanted grasses. Lackey explains why Talinor is an effective option for wheat and barley producers.


“Talinor is comprised of two active ingredients, bicyclopyrone, an HPPD-inhibitor, and bromoxynil, a photosystem II inhibitor. So, what we have is a combination of a systemic herbicide and a contact herbicide, which working together will lead to plant death in susceptible weeds.”


One of the biggest threats growers face today is that of herbicide resistance development.


“Talinor has multiple sites of action and studies have shown that weeds are less likely to develop resistance against herbicides that utilize multiple sites of action. And for those resistant populations that are already in these wheat fields, Talinor brings another tool to the grower to be able to control those species that are already resistant to other classes of chemistry available on the market.”


He added Talinor is an ideal fit for growers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho as well as Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.




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