Farm Country Needs USMCA Approved

Despite President Trump’s announcement of additional tariffs against Mexico because of immigration concerns, USMCA is progressing in both Mexico and Canada.  But the Trump Administration has yet to put USMCA before Congress, allowing the House to vote up or down.


Representative Dan Newhouse said last month’s removal of the 232 steel and aluminum tariffs encouraged him that lawmakers may soon vote on USMCA.  He added USMCA is not only on the minds of lawmakers, but nearly every producer across central Washington.


“We need to have this agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico, it would be a great step in getting our trade situation back to where we need it to be, and I think it would and I think it would give people some confidence and hope moving forward that things will be getting better when it comes to international trade.”


Newhouse said it’s important the USMCA ball gets rolling soon so it can pass before the Presidential election cycle kicks in to high gear.  He added while USMCA is a priority, he would like to see the Administration address trade agreements with Japan, the EU, and of course China.



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