NASS Looking To Compile Data For June Reports

NASS is preparing for its annual June surveys on crops and livestock.  Farmer responses to these surveys will provide the foundation for estimates in the upcoming growing year.  NASS’s Eugene Young said there are three key parts to the June reports and the first is the June agricultural survey, which samples roughly 70,000 farmers nationwide.


“We will ask them the major crops they planted, or that they expect to plant in certain areas where planting has not occurred, and also their stocks of grain, on hand.”


The second survey is the June area survey, followed by the off-farm grain stock survey where off-farm grain stock facilities across the U.S. will be interviewed.


Who uses this data?  Young said everyone associated with the farming industry.


“Researchers, economists, farm media, they will use this data to identify any emerging trends within the sectors.  Federal and state agencies that administrate our programs, will use this data to take a look at the potential for the 2019 crop.  Those that make the laws that govern agriculture, they are going to take a look at this data again to get a better feel of what 2019 is shaping up to be.”


Young says farmers that wish to do so can participate in the survey on-line.  The June 28 reports come out at 9 a.m. Pacific time.


Any data they receive from farmers is used only to publish a statistical aggregate.  Individual information is protected under law and cannot be disclosed.



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