Perdue: MFP Details Expected Next Week

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue said he is days away from announcing details on the $16 billion Market Facilitation Program which is aimed at helping farmers who are suffering from trade losses.  He said while the USDA originally anticipated having details out Friday [today], he’ll have to push that back to next week.

He added MFP remains a priority.


“There’s some stressful situations out in the preventive planting areas of the country,” Perdue said.  “A lot of acres have not been able to be planted.”

Perude urged farmers not to make their planting decisions based on expectations for the MFP which he stressed is not the same thing as prevented planting insurance.


“What will those people do without an MFP program which is fully different than prevented planning. The marked slow plan? is designed for tariff disruptions and we have a safety net and insurance over preventive plant,” he noted.



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