Potato Growers Watch Out For Late Blight

Thursday we told onion growers to be on the lookout for Downy Mildew.  Potato growers, you need to be on the lookout for Late Blight.  Washington State University’s Tim Waters said while there has not been a reported case of Late Blight at this point, the cool, wet conditions increase the likelihood of the disease.


Waters added when scouting your fields, if you suspect Late Blight, contact WSU Extension right away for confirmation.


“I went to one field that someone suspected of earlier this week, and it did not have Late Blight, but it’s OK to call and we were glad to come out and take a look at those things because again, that’s one of those diseases if we do have in the area, we want to know so we can notify other growers to protect your crops from that disease.”


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