County Committee Nominations Start On Friday

The 2019 County Committee election process starts in earnest Friday with the opening of nominations for committee seats.


Annually about a third of those county committee members are going off based on a three year tenure with regard to those elections,” said the FSA’s Steve Peterson.  “What we are looking for are producers, farmers, ranchers, foresters, to nominate their peers or they can nominate themselves to sit on the county committee.”

Peterson noted the nomination period runs through August 1st.  Producers will receive ballots around November 4th, know election results the following month, and have newly elected county committee members take office January 1st, 2020.

The nomination process is that first step and it’s critical that we get the people that producers want representing them in the community,” Peterson added.


To learn more about County Committee openings, contact your local FSA office.



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