President Trump Issues Executive Order For Biotech Crops

“Farmers are not only promoting our prosperity; you are protecting our security as a nation,” President Trump said at an ethanol plan in Iowa this week.  During his trip to the Hawkeye state, Trump discussed a host of Ag issues, from year round sales of E-15, trade deals, disaster help for farmers, as a host of others.

In addition, the President also signed, “An Executive Order to speed up reviews of biotechnology so that farmers can get access to critical scientific advances faster and reap the full benefit for many years in to the future.”


In conjunction with that order, the USDA earlier this month issued proposed regulations for how new biotech crops would be evaluated for safety and approved for use.  The USDA’s Greg Ibach, said those proposals along with the Executive Order should prove efficiency as well as appropriate regulatory.


Ibach added under current rules it can take five to seven years for a new biotech crop to be approved.



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