Trump And Xi May Meet At Next Week’s G-20 Summit

President Trump is setting up a one on one meeting with China’s president Xi at the G-20 meeting in Japan next week.  In a tweet Tuesday morning, President Trump said the two leaders agreed on the meeting after a phone conversation.  Trade talks with China have stalled ever since Trump announced the most recent round of tariffs on Chinese goods.


Meanwhile, U.S. trade negotiator Ambassador Robert Lighthizer recently told senators whether new tariffs are still being considered that’s still up in the air.


“The President will make that decision at some point in the next few weeks and I can’t, of course, prejudge that.”

And when will talks between the two presidents resume?  “I can’t predict what the United States is going to do or whether or not we’re going to be able to resolve this issue with China or not,” Lighthizer noted.  “My hope is that we can.”


Lighthizer added something must be done to address China.  And while many have issues with tariffs he says he’s yet to hear at this point a better plan for the U.S.



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