Lighthizer Ready To Reengage China

  U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer said the United States is ready to reengage with China on trade, as the two sides prepare for a key meeting in Japan between presidents Trump and China’s Xi Jinping.  That, amid a major development on the USMCA trade agreement.


Ambassador Lighthizer recently told lawmakers in Washington D.C., as Mexico ratified the USMCA, the groundwork was also being laid for a possible turning-point in efforts to end the long-running trade war with China.


“I think it’s in both the interests of China and the United States, to have some kind of a successful agreement.  The president has said, he definitely wants an agreement, if we can get a great agreement for America.  He, as you say, had a phone call, and then he sent out a tweet that we were going to get together.  I have a conversation set up with my counterpart on the telephone, and then I expect to meet with him, with Secretary Mnuchin in Osaka, before the president meets, and then I expect the president to have the meeting.”


Lighthizer added there was much good work done in the earlier, stalled talks, and the U.S. is now “ready to engage” again.



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