WSU Potato Field Day Set For Thursday

The end of June means Washington State University’s Potato Field Day is just around the corner.  This year, the event will take place Thursday June 27th at the Othello station located off Booker Road.  WSU’s Tim Waters said as in years past, they will focus much of their time on potato virus that are or could impact this year’s crop.  But he said that’s not all.


“Talking about a Lygus bug project I’ve been working on.  So, there will be a demonstration of that.  There will be talks about potato breeding, on physiology, on nutrient management, potato roll orientation, so there’s a little bit of everything, a lot of different talks that people can come and listen to those researchers and get to interact with them, and learn about what they are doing.”


Waters added this week’s Field Day is great for growers, workers, or anyone associated with the potato industry.  The Field Day starts at 8:30 a.m. and runs until 1 p.m. and lunch will be provided.



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