A Variety Of Digital Careers Remain Open In Ag

Syngenta, like many other companies in the Ag industry, works every day to help growers apply digital solutions to real-world problems.  Technical data analyst Kelly Bumpus, grew up on a farm in the South, and she uses her background to turn that effort into results.


“In my current role in digital ag solutions, I am able take my background and knowledge of rural life and farming and apply that to technology and technological solutions. My focus is to translate the new and shiny into financially sustainable solutions for everyone.”


Like Bumpus, Stephanie Steele also grew up on a farm.  As a finance administrator and former support specialist at Ag Connections, Steele uses her experience to help provide digital tools for Syngenta customers.


“I grew up in agriculture. I lived it. I loved 4-H. I’ve always felt at home with agriculture. I knew I wanted to do something on the financial side and be involved in agriculture, so my career has ended up where I wanted it to be. We work, with growers every day.”


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