Homeland Security To Transfer N-BADF to USDA

It’s called the National Bio and and Agro Defense Facility, N-BADF, a top lever secure facility being built near Kansas State University under the ownership and control of the Department of Homeland Security.  Its mission, to work with, prepare for, and prevent animal diseases.

Undersecretary of Agriculture Greg Ibach was one of several officials at a recent ceremony at USDA headquarters in D.C., to celebrate, as he put it, “the coming home of our nation’s premier animal health laboratory to USDA.”


We’ll be handing our baby over to somebody else once it’s fully grown and matured,” added Homeland Security’s William Bryan.

The $1.25 million facility is scheduled to open spring, 2021.  Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, said it will work securely with things like foot and mouth African swine fever anthrax and more.


“Some of the nastiest kind of stuff you have to deal with, and we need to put it in a safe place and that’s exactly what we intend on doing,” Perdue noted.


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