Locke: USMCA Will Be Better For Washington Ag Than NAFTA

Former Washington Governor Gary Locke says the state’s Ag economy stand to benefit considerably if USMCA is ratified and enacted.  The former Commerce Secretary noted that one of the Ag industries that will benefit right away, dairy.   “A lot of the barriers that Canada places on American dairy will be removed, so that’s a […]

Ag Lenders Are Feeling Squeezed by the Struggling Economy

President Trump’s trade war seems to be pushing the rural economy closer and closer to a meltdown.  According to Politico, economic challenges in agriculture are weighing heavier on banks that lend to farmers and ranchers.  Farmers are getting slammed on all sides by retaliatory tariffs, unusually bad weather, as well as a five-year drop in […]

USDA: Food Prices May Increase in the Coming Months

If you successful purchased the same foods, and the same amounts as you did in late June 2018, you’d notice that what you paid increased slightly.  For the past four months, the USDA has been predicting food prices will increase between 0.5-1.5% this year.  But as Gary Crawford points out, if last month is any […]

Winter Wheat Slightly Behind Schedule Nationwide

Currently, national winter wheat heading is at 94%, slightly behind the five year average of 99%.   “With the late development it’s going to be a slower harvest this year not to mention the excessive wetness in the soft red winter wheat belt. As a result just 15% of this year’s winter wheat crop harvested […]

House Passes Ag Appropriations in Minibus Spending Bill, President May Veto

As quickly as the House passed on party-line votes, its versions of the Fiscal Year 2020 spending bills for federal agencies, including USDA, the White House said ‘no.’  The bills, lumped together in so-called ‘minibusses’ that include a $ 24 billion USDA spending bill, are laden with policy riders the White House says the President […]

Pressure Mounting on Trump, Xi to Get Agreement in Place

U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet Saturday on the sidelines of the G-20 political summit in Osaka, Japan.  Politico said both leaders are under mounting economic and political pressure to end their trade war.  It’s a high-stakes meeting that may or may not mark a turning point in the negotiations […]

Mnuchin: the U.S., China Trade Deal 90 Percent Done

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC that the U.S. and China are getting much closer to a trade deal than people realize. He’s also optimistic that progress will be made when Presidents Trump and Xi meet face-to-face this weekend at the G-20 in Osaka, Japan.   “We’re about 90% of the way there and I […]

Acerage, Stocks Report Out Friday

Coming up this Friday, USDA’s much awaited report on planted acreage, for which 100,000 farmers or so were surveyed earlier this month. In addition to the acreage numbers, USDA will also focus on stocks.  Lance Honig with the USDA’s AG Statistic’s Service said farmers were not just asked about acreage, but also about their stocks […]

Animal Antibiotic Sales are Dropping

The incentives that companies use to help develop new antibiotics for food animals are coming under pressure.  A USDA research economist says those incentives are being pressured by high development costs, changing markets, and shifting consumer trends.   MeatingPlace.com said sales in antibiotics in both the U.S. and Europe are dropping, and incentives for companies […]