Acerage, Stocks Report Out Friday

Coming up this Friday, USDA’s much awaited report on planted acreage, for which 100,000 farmers or so were surveyed earlier this month. In addition to the acreage numbers, USDA will also focus on stocks.  Lance Honig with the USDA’s AG Statistic’s Service said farmers were not just asked about acreage, but also about their stocks of grain on farm.


But then in addition of that we also need to collect that portion of the grain soil seeds that are stored off the farm. And we have a separate survey we do for that because we’re going to the commercial facilities for that.  That particular survey is really a virtual census. We’re going to all those commercial facilities and finding out that same information from them as well that will be combined together in the grain stocks report.


Which will be released along with the acreage report.   For wheat and small grains it’s the market year ending stocks report, meanwhile for corn and soy beans, it will be the third quarter stocks report.


Both the acreage and grain stocks reports are due out at 9 a.m. Pacific Friday.



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