Winter Wheat Slightly Behind Schedule Nationwide

Currently, national winter wheat heading is at 94%, slightly behind the five year average of 99%.


“With the late development it’s going to be a slower harvest this year not to mention the excessive wetness in the soft red winter wheat belt. As a result just 15% of this year’s winter wheat crop harvested by June 23rd; well behind the five year average at 34% even further behind last year’s 39%,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey.


He added some of the biggest delays come from the Midwest, such as Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma.  Rippey noted while many wheat growers are behind schedule, the crop itself looks good.


“Even with the problems with this year’s crop’s better than last year: 37% good to excellent, 34% very poor to poor a year ago at this time.”


Rippey was quick to note some of the worst conditions were, again, found in the Midwest.



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