Is Ag Better Prepared To Handle Drought?

In Washington D.C. this week the second national drought forum has experts gathering who are looking at lessons learned since the first forum back during the 2012 drought.  So are farmers really any better able to handle drought now than seven years ago?


“We certainly have not made huge gains, but we’re nibbling at it; we’re going the right direction”


One of the organizers of this forum, USDA’s Bill Northey, said there have definitely been advances in providing farmers with more efficient irrigation systems. And also on the crop side.


“I do believe that some of that seed technologies have allowed those roots on plants to be able to absorb moisture to a greater degree,” Northey said.  “And we’ve seen some plants that maybe have a little more drought resistance in them. But we’re talking small degrees, but small degrees can matter a lot if it gets you three more days till the next rain.”


Northey added one of the biggest advances since 2012 is the various federal agencies involved are meeting regularly and  working together.


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