USDA: First Round Of MFP Underway

The first round of the Market Facilitation Program is underway.


“We expect up to 14.5 billion in dollars in payments will go to producers that have been affected by unwarranted retaliatory tariffs on US farm production,” said Farm Service Agency Administrator, Richard Fordyce.

He noted this first round covers 50% of the amount in the application.  The USDA will send out that half as soon as possible.  Fordyce says the second and third rounds, which will come out to 25% of the total amount of MFP money, will depend on conditions at the time.


“Has there been a movement in trade negotiations?” Fordyce continues.  “You know, look at it at that point; late fall, and if not then another 25% of that payment will go out and then look at it again probably in January at some point.”


Market Facilitation Program includes three categories: non-speciality crops, speciality crops, and a livestock category of hogs and dairy.



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