Perdue: Trade Issue In China’s Court

When it comes to trade talks and ending this trade war, Ag Secretary, Sonny Perdue, says the ball’s in China’s court.


“The question is: what’s China going do to stop stealing our stuff?” Perdue said.  “Maybe you’d like to ask China, President Xi what China’s gonna do to come to the table, and trade like a number two economy in the world, and trade fairly and freely without hassling and jerking our producers around!”

Perdue noted while American’s have become dependent on China as a consumer, as he put it, “we’ve become dependent on somebody who’s not playing by the rules”.  USDA is enacting the second consecutive year of a multi-billion dollar aid program aimed at mitigating farmer’s trade losses.


“President’s the one who called me when the talks broke down for China. We were 90% there with China when Xi walked away from that/back-tracked on those agreements that had been agreed to and started reneging on that. And that’s when the president called me and said, ‘Sonny we’re going to need another program,’ and we’re not anticipating one for 2020,” Perdue noted.



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