Trump’s Wheat Comments Leave Growers Speechless

Wheat growers have a lot on their minds during harvest, falling numbers, yields, prices, as well as trade and market concerns.  So many wheat growers across the Northwest, and across the country were upset and hurt when President Trump made an offhanded comment last month about wheat bound for Japan.


“We have a massive deficit with Japan.  They send of thousands and thousands, millions of cars.  We send them wheat.  Wheat?  That’s not a good deal.  And they don’t even want our wheat.  They do it because they want us to at least feel that we’re OK.  You know they do it to make us feel good.”


“It seems like that was a dismissive statement and he [Trump] doesn’t fully understand, maybe, the years of efforts of wheat growers to generate the great relationship we have with our customers in Japan,” said Michelle Hennings, Executive Director for the Washington Association of Wheat Growers.


Hennings noted Japan not only purchases, American, and specifically Northwest wheat because of longstanding relationships, but because of the quality of wheat.  Hennings added while she appreciates many of the things the Administration has done for Ag, hopeful the White House will take the time to learn about all the wheat industry has done to develop a great working relationship with one of the largest economies on earth.




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