China Ready to Purchase U.S. Ag Goods

China is expected to agree to purchase more U.S. agricultural products in hopes of a better trade agreement.  According to the South China Morning Post, working-level officials were discussing the text of a deal, which would be reviewed when trade officials meet in Washington D.C. next month.  The text is based on details negotiated back in April, before talks fell apart in May, after China backtracked on several previously agreed-upon issues.


China offered to purchase more U.S. agricultural products in exchange for the U.S. delaying implementation of further tariffs.  China may also offer more market access and better intellectual property protection, according to a Chinese source familiar with the talks.


A Chinese official told a group of U.S. business representatives Tuesday that China wats a “mutually accepted solution to the trade dispute.”  However, U.S. trade experts based in China suggests the October meeting is an attempt to peacefully get past the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, suggesting talks will stall in 2020.


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