Lohmann: Cool, Cloudy Weather For Final Week of Summer

September weather can be a wildcard, where we see highs in the 90s with overnight lows potentially flirting with freezing.  And as we move into the final days of summer, fall is definitely making its presence known.


Marilyn Lohman with the National Weather Service said we saw a big trough roll into the Northwest over the weekend, bringing in clouds, showers and cooler temperatures.  And she notes that active weather pattern is expect to continue during much of the month.


“We have a number of low pressure systems kind of lining up around the Northern Hemisphere, in fact looking out 240 hours, it looks like another low pressure over top of us.  So, we have something coming in through the later part of the weekend into next week, and then a break again, and then another one, so kind of picking up where we left off last spring.”


Lohmann said things will get interesting next week, when another round of showers will continue to drop the temperatures, where we could be talking about the S word.


“By Tuesday through, we could see some snow levels in the Washington cascades down to around 6,500’-7,000’, and down over northeast Oregon around 7,500’.  So, maybe a little bit of the white stuff on the very highest peaks.”


Lohmann noted after the dry spring and summer the Northwest experienced, the showers are welcomed relief.





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