Perdue Pushing Congress To Address USMCA

Congress is back at work and one of the big issues awaiting action is the ratification of USMCA.  And as Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue put it, “trade deals, as you know with Congress is always a tough vote.”

While history indicates getting everyone to agree on a trade deal can be challenging, Perdue is optimistic a vote on USMCA will occur soon.


“I know the speaker is very interested in having a favorably reported from her office I understand that,” Perdue said this week.  “I honestly believe if it were an even vote and no twisting on either side I think it’d pass both congresses.”


Some member of the House are calling for stronger enforcement provisions in the agreement.  Perdue said trade ambassador Robert Lighthizer believes those requests are doable, which could remove major roadblocks to congressional ratification.



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