USMCA Is Ready To Go, Says Newhouse

With Congress back in session, the Ag community is asking when trade questions will be answered.  Specifically when will USMCA receive a ratification vote?  Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said the updated NAFTA is ready to go, and desperately needed in farm country.


“Mexico has already approved it, Canada is close to doing so.  And I think there’s been a lot of work done here in Congress, at least my understanding is, on the part of the Speaker of the House [Nancy Pelosi] and the majority party to work through some of the issues that they have expressed.  So, I think that is something that is right in front of us and we should take action on.”


Newhouse said USMCA is not the only trade issue he wants to see addressed immediately in D.C.  He said he continues to encourage the Administration to get a trade deal done with China done as quickly as possible.  Newhouse acknowledged that negotiations with China have not been easy.


“We need to bring out top game to be able to make sure we have a good deal with them,” Newhouse continued.  “But, it’s tremendously important to both of us, both China and the United States to do this.  But, it’ also important for the rest of the trading world.  We’re going to be setting the parameters, the rules for trading globally for a long time to come.”


While President Trump has delayed additional tariffs that were scheduled to start early next month, and China has agreed to purchase some American Ag products, economists say a trade deal between the two economic super powers is not on the horizon, at this point.



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