Irrigation Season Starting To Wrap Up Across the Inland Northwest

We may have a few more days of summer, but the irrigation season is coming to an end for many across the region.  The Kittitas Reclamation District will turn off water for delivery starting Wednesday September 18th.  The early shutoff date comes following a meeting earlier this month with Bureau of Reclamation officials.


The Water in the Roza District will be shut off October 15th, but can take up to five days to completely drain.


Farmers in the Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District have a little more time before water is shutoff.  QCBID’s last day for delivery changes is Monday October 21st, with the turn off scheduled for Tuesday the 22nd.  The South Columbia Basin Irrigation District has a similar schedule, with last day for delivery changes set for Monday the 21st, and water turned off at all blocks on Tuesday October 22nd.



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