Newhouse Continuing Resolution Good For Washington Ag

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted in favor of a continuing resolution to keep the government funded through November 21st.  Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said the hope is the continuation will give the Senate time to complete their needed work on appropriation bills for the upcoming year.  Newhouse saidys he typically doesn’t like voting for continuations, but this was an exception because of the benefit to Washington’s Ag community.


He said the continuation extended authorization of the export/import bank, which he said is critical to the Ag industry.  Newhouse noted it also allows the Commodity Credit Corporation to continue payments to producers impacted by China’s retaliatory tariffs.  Lastly, Newhouse said it also provides a fix for the Specialty Crop Research Initiative.


“It allows us to stay, essentially, on the cutting edge of technology and products so we remain as competitive as possible.”


The House passed the continuing resolution Thursday, 301-123.



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