Newhouse: Trade Deal Important For Both U.S. And China

 Some are concerned it could be some time before a trade deal between the two largest economies is announced.  This after members of the Chinese trade delegation abruptly left the U.S. last week, following trade talks in D.C.  That delegation was scheduled to stop in Montana and the Midwest.  While the American farmer has felt the brunt of this over yearlong trade war, Representative Dan Newhouse says China is feeling the crunch too.  Which he says make it even more important that a trade deal is worked out soon.


“China’s economy is suffering, we’re seeing disruptions in out markets as well. A lot of things typically destined for China, they are not going there.  That’s impacting prices, for a lot of different commodities.  We’re seeing price increases for many of the things we get from China.  So, this is tremendously important.”


Newhouse says while very little progress has been reported at this point, a trade deal with China remains a top priority for the Administration.


“The President himself has been very engaged in this.  He wants a good deal.  He wants a level playing field.”


Newhouse added he has a great relationship with U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer, which allows him to express the concerns of farm country easier and in a more direct fashion.


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