Cold Wet Weather Expected For First Weekend Of Fall

Fall officially started on Monday, a bit later than in years past.  And the weather has been beautiful as we change seasons, with a lot of sunshine across the area and temperatures mild for this time of year.  Marilyn Lohmann meteorologist with the National Weather Service says you better enjoy it while you can.


“We are looking at a much colder and wetter system coming in through the weekend.  And that will bring some of the coldest air that we’ve seen so far this fall.”


Lohman said these upcoming showers, and the few isolated rain drops we’ve seen over the past couple of days have helped improve soil moisture levels, and yearly precipitation totals.


“Something we don’t normally see in September, we typically don’t see our rains start until October, so it’s been kind of unusual that way, but it sure has helped a lot.  It might not be good for harvest and stuff, but really good for soil moistures.”


Lohmann says for the weekend, we could see temperatures drop near freezing in some areas, with daytime highs expected around 15 degrees below average.



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