U.S./Japan Trade Deal Become Official

On Wednesday, the United States and Japan announced they reached an agreement on a trade deal that further opens markets for both countries.  And agriculture is among the biggest beneficiaries.   Japan is Ag’s 4th-largest export destination with nearly $13 billion a year in exports, impacting thousands of jobs countrywide.  According to Zippy Duvall, President […]

Potato Grower Asked To Watch For Tuber Moth As Harvest Approaches

Its harvest time for many in the potato industry, and those not quite to that point, harvest will be here before you know it.  And while many growers are thinking about getting those spuds in a storage shed, or off to the processor, Washington State University’s Tim Waters said growers need to continue to watch […]

Wheat Growers Being Warned About Buckwheat

Washington State University is cautioning wheat growers to watch out for buckwheat.  WSU noted Wednesday that some importers of U.S. wheat are enforcing a near-zero tolerance of buckwheat in wheat shipments.  That means care needs to be taken to control buckwheat specifically when buckwheat is in the crop rotation.   A recent study that focused […]

Impeachment Inquiry Could Dampen Chances of USMCA

Many in the Ag community are worried that House Democrats seeking to impeach President Trump spells trouble for USMCA.  White House officials claim the effort has “destroyed any chances of legislative progress.”   Meanwhile, Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says if Democrats in the House use impeachment proceedings as a basis to not act on […]

Remove The Distractions During Rail Safety Week

This is Rail Safety Week and the American Farm Bureau federation is urging rural residents to be safe around trains.  A person or vehicle is hit by a train every three hours in the U.S.   “People are more and more distracted and they’re not paying attention when they’re driving, when they’re walking, when they’re […]

World Dairy Expo Starts Next Month

The World Dairy Expo is just days away in Madison, Wisconsin.  Manager Scott Bentley said the October 1st through 5th event draws in roughly 65,000 people from 100 countries.   “They bring an international perspective to this world class dairy event.  And we’re trying to enhance the networking opportunities for attendees, the socialization opportunities for […]

Walden Applauds Trade Deal With Japan

Following Wednesday’s announced that the U.S. and Japan had signed a trade deal, Representative Greg Walden said the announced was welcomed news for Oregon Farmers and Ranchers.   “This trade deal is welcome news for Oregon’s farmers and ranchers,” Walden said. “During my townhalls in Sherman and Gilliam counties last month, trade and access to […]

Does Sign Up Delay Impact DMC Coverage?

After a one week extension, dairy producers are facing a signup deadline again.  Sign up for this year’s Dairy Margin Coverage is due Friday, September 27th.  However, enrollment for 2020, was originally scheduled to begin in October 7th.  So will the one week extension of DMC sign up delay the start of 2020 coverage?   […]

Plant-Based Protein Market Projected at $40 billion in 2025

A market research study claims the plant-based protein market will be worth an estimated $40 billion by 2025.  MarketsandMarkets said the sector is driven by the rising demand for so-called plant-based meat and healthy food products. Currently, the plant-based protein market is estimated at $18.5 billion. The $40 billion projection would represent a 14% growth […]