Does Sign Up Delay Impact DMC Coverage?

After a one week extension, dairy producers are facing a signup deadline again.  Sign up for this year’s Dairy Margin Coverage is due Friday, September 27th.  However, enrollment for 2020, was originally scheduled to begin in October 7th.  So will the one week extension of DMC sign up delay the start of 2020 coverage?


“It will not,” said FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce.  “So the week extension is about the length that we could extend it and not disrupt the 2020 sign up. So we’re good from that perspective.”

In either case, farmers can enroll during the listed 2019 and 2020 sign up periods for DMC coverage at their local FSA offices.


“As a reminder, the 2020 sign up period for DMC will begin October 7th and it will run through December 13th,” Fordyce noted.



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