Plant-Based Protein Market Projected at $40 billion in 2025

A market research study claims the plant-based protein market will be worth an estimated $40 billion by 2025.  MarketsandMarkets said the sector is driven by the rising demand for so-called plant-based meat and healthy food products. Currently, the plant-based protein market is estimated at $18.5 billion. The $40 billion projection would represent a 14% growth rate.


Researchers say public awareness regarding the increase in obesity levels due to unhealthy food consumption that includes packaged food, fast food, carbonated beverages, cold drinks, and excess consumption of animal meat has led to the demand for plant-based protein products. A significant increase in the usage of peas as a key ingredient is being noticed in the plant-based industry.


The pea segment is projected to be the fastest-growing in the plant-based protein market during the forecast period. Pea protein is gaining popularity among plant-based protein manufacturers at a global level owing to its high protein content, and health benefits offered such as reduced cholesterol and lower blood pressure.



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