Newhouse: Celebrity Comments Can Have Negative Impact On Farmers

Reaction to Ellen DeGeneres’ call for her fans and followers to eat less meat is still being felt in farm country.  And the reaction varies from frustration and disbelief to anger.  Representative Dan Newhouse said any entertainers, and American for that matter, has the right to believe whatever they want.  But he noted it would be nice if the entertainment world thought how their comments could hurt hard working Americans.


“That can have a tremendous impact on whatever commodity they happen to be picking on at that time,” Newhouse said.  “A very negative impact on a lot of people’s livelihoods and their families.  And I don’t know if they think through all of the implications.”


Newhouse continued the long-term impact these celebrity driven campaigns can have on the farming community can be unfortunate.


“I think they should just stay in their lane, they can entertain us as much as they line but keep their opinions a little more low-key.”



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