AFBF: Despite Impeachment, Ukraine Talk USMCA Must Remain A Priority

The American Farm Bureau Federation says regardless of the impeachment fight, getting USMCA across the finish line is a priority.  AFBF Executive Director Dale Moore said regardless of impeachment and Ukraine discussions, his team will focus all of its efforts on an updated trade deal for American farmers and ranchers.


“Whatever else is going on in Congress, whether it’s the impeachment inquiry that’s popped up on the radar, the budget process that always dominates, this time of the year.  Again, our focus and our push and our urging, encouraging to folks on Capitol Hill, is, let’s get USMCA done.”


Moore argues the two-week Congressional recess now won’t hinder AFBF’s all-out effort to win a trade deal worth billions for U.S. agriculture.


“That gives us another chance for our grassroots members, our grass roots leaders, to be visiting with the men and women that they’ve elected.  Let’s get USMCA done, when those folks are back home for town hall meetings, or whatever else they’ve got going on. So, from our standpoint, USMCA and its consideration this fall is still something we have, very much, on our radar for getting done this fall.”


Moore believes USMCA is a political ‘winner’ for both parties, and should be pushed during the final weeks of 2019.



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