SE Washington Female Wolf Killed By State

Just days after Governor Jay Inslee asked that the state kill fewer wolves, the Washington state Department of Fish and Wildlife announced a wolf was killed in the state’s southeast region.  WDFW said on September 25th an adult female member of the Grouse Flats pack was killed.  It is believed that wolf was the breeding […]

Winter Weather Cut Washington Apricot Crop In Half

That late blast of winter we saw that hit in February and March appears to have impacted the Washington apricot crop.  B.J. Thurlby told the Spokesman Review last week that those unseasonably cold temperatures cut production in half.  The president of the Washington State Fruit Commission says in a typical season, the state produces roughly […]

Newhouse Encouraging NCW Farmers To Share Thoughts On Grizzly Reintroduction

Earlier this year, the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced a 90-day comment period on the proposed reintroduction of grizzly bears in North Central Washington.  That comment period comes to a close Friday October 24th, but before that window closes, a public meeting will take place where livestock producers and others […]

U.S. Trade Deficit Narrow with China

The United States’ trade deficit with China is as small as it’s been in recent months.  U.S. exports hit a five-month high, which Bloomberg said is a possible sign of goodwill from China as the two nations continue to try and resolve their trade war.   According to data released late last week by the […]

Organic Commodity Sales Double over Five Year Period

Although the total value of U.S. Ag sales remained relatively flat between 2012 and 2017, American organic sales more than doubled to $7.3 billion.  The USDA’s Economic Research Service reports growth in the U.S. organic sector has accelerated since the early 2010s as retailers, food manufacturers, and livestock producers have increased demand for organic food […]

USDA Invests $11M in Research That Will Support Specialty Crop Farmers

The USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture Thursday announced $11 million in research funds for specialty crop farmers.  The USDA says the funding will focus on applying innovative solutions to pest management problems “that often are otherwise not available to specialty crop farmers.”   The investment is made through the Minor Crop Pest Management […]

Vaccine Bank Critical, Says Animal Health Expert

In the years from 1870 to 1929, the US had nine Foot and Mouth Disease outbreaks.  At the time, animal health officials reacted by stopping the movement of all animals in the effected regions, and destroying the animals.  However that approach did not work.  Iowa State University animal health expert Dr. James Roth said today […]

On Farm Stocks Leading Off Farm Stocks

USDA’s new grain stocks report shows a very pronounced pattern for most crops in which stocks held on farms are out-weighing off-farm stocks.   As of September 1st corn stocks overall, 2.1 Billion bushels, down 1% from a year ago.  But, corn stored on farms is 753-million bushels, up 22% from a year ago.  Old-crop […]