Perdue: Farmers Help American Consumers In A Variety Of Ways

It has been long noted the importance of American agriculture’s productivity regarding cost savings for consumers and in turn, more disposable income available.


“The affluence of having a less disposable income on our food enables them to purchase other things,” said Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.  “I think if the American public had the information about the amount of money they save on food purchases compared to any other developed country in the world, they would view our foreign policy very differently.”


And how does the Ag industry educate those consumers?


“I’m asking our economic researchers to really data qualify and validate the amount of money to the percentage of their income that our American consumers put on their food versus anywhere else in the world in a developed country,” Perdue noted.


He added such a study would confirm previous findings of U.S. consumers spending less for their food than any other nation.



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