Newhouse Introduces Water Supply Infrastructure Rehabilitation & Utilization Act

Last week, Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse introduced the Water Supply Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Utilization Act.  Newhouse said the legislation will help local water operators and managers across the west in three different ways.   “Help with the operation, the maintenance and repair of a lot of the existing infrastructure that the Bureau of Reclamation has.  […]

Value Of Washington Ag Drops, While Idaho Moves Higher

The value of agriculture in Washington dropped last year.  According to NASS, total production came in at $9.67 billion last year, a 2% drop from the revised 2017 figures.  Apples remain the leading agricultural commodity with a value of $2.19 billion last year, a 10% year-over-year drop.  Apples represented 23% of the total agricultural value […]

U.S., China Reach Limited Trade Agreement

The U.S. reached a limited trade agreement with China Friday afternoon that would pave the way for resolutions on broader issues later in the year. said the deal temporarily defuses a dispute between the worlds’ two largest economies.  President Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that, “We’ve come to a very substantial phase […]

More Optimism Surrounding USMCA Passage

One of the biggest hurdles to passing the USMCA could soon go away.  Mexico recently promised House Democratic Leadership that it would improve its enforcement of new labor standards to protect the rights of workers in that country.  The LA Times said Mexican President Obrador also told Democrats during meetings in Mexico that his government […]

Report: Changes In Trade Could Hurt Canada, Others

As the world turns away from a rules-based trade structure, a new report from AgriFood Economic Systems is sending a warning of Trade challenges facing smaller-populated, but heavily Trade dependent countries like Canada.  Dennis Guy has more.       If you have a story idea for the Washington Ag Network, call (509) 547-1618, or […]

Perdue: Farmers Still Favor Strong Stance Against China

During last week’s trade talks between the U.S. and China, Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue said most American farmers still favor the hard stance the Trump Administration has taken against China.   “We’re not gonna surrender to their world domination efforts.  And we know that agriculture is gonna be retaliated against because that’s the most productive […]

Crowdfarming Platform Launched

Steward, the world’s first crowdfarming platform, announced it is now open to individual investors. The platform allows people to invest directly in sustainable farms. Platform founder Dan Miller said the crowdfarming model creates a win-win for both farmers and investors, unlike traditional farm funding.  Farmers can purchase the land and equipment they have to have […]

Forest Service Looks To Do More With Job Corps Program

If you’re not familiar with it, Job Corps is a government run program that trains young people for employment.  And the U.S. Forest Service is looking for more workers.  So, It’s no surprise the two would join forces.   “Secretary of Agriculture Perdue traveled to Denver national job corps headquarters and laid out a plan […]