Crowdfarming Platform Launched

Steward, the world’s first crowdfarming platform, announced it is now open to individual investors. The platform allows people to invest directly in sustainable farms. Platform founder Dan Miller said the crowdfarming model creates a win-win for both farmers and investors, unlike traditional farm funding.  Farmers can purchase the land and equipment they have to have while investors earn a return while they support regenerative agriculture.


“Access to capital is a critical problem that limits many farmers, but for every farm that needs funds, there are many people ready to invest,” Miller said. “We created Steward as a platform for people to invest directly in sustainable farms, knowing that their dollars will earn a return while they make a positive impact.”


Steward offers a variety of investment options, including a diversified portfolio of farm loans, individual farm loans, or Steward itself. The company does its homework and vets each farm, developing a customized plan with the farmer to get the funds they need to grow and operate their business. Steward has invested more than $2.2 billion in 16 sustainable farms to date.



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