Forest Service Looks To Do More With Job Corps Program

If you’re not familiar with it, Job Corps is a government run program that trains young people for employment.  And the U.S. Forest Service is looking for more workers.  So, It’s no surprise the two would join forces.


“Secretary of Agriculture Perdue traveled to Denver national job corps headquarters and laid out a plan for a more formal program between national forest and the job corps centers,” said Associate Forest Service Chief Lenise Lago.  She recently noted their goal is to have more students doing restoration and maintenance work on forest service facilities.  She added another goal, hiring more Job Corps graduates.


“We have currently authority called Public Land Corp Authority, which Job Corps students qualify for by doing certain number of hours of restoration work on public land. They still are required to compete for jobs in an open merit application. What we’d like to do is work with OPM on a direct hire authority.”



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One Response

  1. What a wonderful idea!
    If a social worker (which probably comes with Job Corps) was brought in to the mix, the recipients of the Job Corps experience would also have added support. Many of my ex-Job Corps kids were just kids who needed to be outdoors and didn’t fit in the “all inside” mentality of brick and mortar schools. Many of our troubled kids are just nature deficit and love the outdoors.
    This is also a great plan to “grow” a generation of forest workers where Washington is very short of given repeated cuts to universities with forestry programs.

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