USDA Looking At Incentivizing Conservation Agriculture

Incentivizing conservation agriculture has been a concept developing in to practical application for some time.  So how to further advance an ecosystem marketplace and potential value and benefits to both producers and the environment?


“If you’re going to make meaningful contributions to carbon sequestration, water quality, reductions in agriculture use of water, water conservation measures, sewal health, all of those themes, you have to incentive create the opportunity for that to occur on private lands,” said Natural Resources Conservation Service Active Associate Chief, Kevin Norton.


Among those discussing the topic at a recent farm foundation forum.  Norton said no matter the conservation model or tools used, producers must understand both economic and environmental value and benefits are measured in the long term.


“It may not be a value that it realized in this year,” Norton added.  “Some of the conservation benefits starts today but it accrues over multiple years.”



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