McMorris Rodgers: When It Comes To Trade, Japan Is A Good Start

The trade deal with Japan announced October 7th is welcomed news for the agriculture industry across the Northwest and across the U.S.  Cathy McMorris Rodgers is one of several lawmakers happy to see something move in trade negotiations.  The eastern Washington Republican added the agreement with Japan will benefit all of Washington Ag, not just a commodity or two.  She said that’s great news since the Evergreen State is the most trade depended state in the U.S.


“It’s estimated that 40% of our jobs are tied to trade, so getting these trade agreements in place are vital.  And it really is a signal that we can move forward with some others.  So, getting Japan done is a step towards also approving USMCA which we need to get done.”


While farm country would like to see more sent to Japan, McMorris Rodgers says this is an important first step.  She said when more and more trade deals are ironed out, the U.S. will have more leverage against unfair tariffs and trade practices of other counties.  Such as China.


When it comes to the trade war with China, she says she always opposed the across the board tariffs that have been used.


“However, I applaud the Administration for taking on, the bad practices that China has been engaged in, especially with our intellectual property rights.  They take a lot of our products, and they duplicate them and then sell them back to us.  And we’ve need to take this action as painful as it is.”


McMorris Rodgers added in her conversations U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer understands the urgency of getting the lost list of issues with China resolved.




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