Censky: 2018 Farm Bill Implementation On Pace

What kind of progress is being made when it comes to implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill?


“Our implementation cadence has been aggressive,” Deputy Ag Secretary Stephen Censky said recently.  “This includes opening up for the sign up for Dairy Margin Coverage Program, RMA has implemented key crop insurance provisions such as multi county enterprise units. The Farm Service Agency readily implemented provisions changes to ARC and PLC with sign up for 2019.”


Censky added some of the programs and enrollment periods are available now to farmers.  In written testimony, Censky has said the pace of pace of 2018 Farm Bill implementation, with everything from regulations, notices of funding abilities, actions repost and studies, closely tracks with the progress of the 2014 Farm Bill.  The updated Farm Bill has over 400 discrete provisions with more of those to be implemented in the coming months.



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