Newhouse We Expect To Roll Our Ag Labor Reform Legislation This Week

When it comes to Washington D.C., most of the focus for the farm community has been on USMCA.  However, Representative Dan Newhouse says that’s not the only key Ag issue lawmakers are trying to address.  The Central Washington Republican says he and several other members of Congress have been working to reform Ag labor laws, […]

Washington Health Investigating More Cases Of Salmonella Linked To Backyard Poultry

The Washington Department of Health is investigating four more cases of Salmonella link to backyard poultry.  Last week’s cases were reported in Clallam, Island, Stevens and Spokane counties.  That brings the total number of cases being investigated this year up to 20.   Those that came down with salmonella range in age up to 85, […]

Ag Sales Could Hit Pre-Trade War Levels by 2020 Election

U.S. farmers could see a return to a pre-trade war level of Ag sales to China by the 2020 election.  Bloomberg said that would relieve economic pressure on one of President Trump’s key voting blocs as he campaigns for another term.   The president announced a tentative partial trade deal back on October 11th.  China […]

Rabo Agrifinance Offering Industry’s First Organic Transition Loan

Farmers looking for organic certification on all or part of their operations can get some financial help from Rabo Agrifinance.  The company has developed a loan product so farmers can get the capital they need up front to help with costs associated with changing production practices.  Farmers can then schedule loan repayments when they get […]

USDA Publishes Pumpkin Production

With Halloween approaching, many consumers are searching for the nearest pumpkin patch. Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture just updated pumpkin production data, showing production is widely dispersed throughout the United States.   All U.S. states produce some pumpkins, but according to the 2017 U.S. Census of Agriculture, about 62% of pumpkin acres were grown in […]

USDA Releases Partial List of Agricultural Projections to 2029

The USDA will release selected tables prepared for the upcoming “USDA Agricultural Projections to 2029” report on Friday. USDA will post online tables containing long-term supply, use, and price projections to 2029 for major U.S. crops and livestock products. The tables will also include supporting U.S. and international macroeconomic assumptions.  The short-term projections from the […]

Chinese Importers Buy Even More U.S. Soybeans

The USDA said that private exporters reported the sale of 264,000 tons of U.S. soybeans to China for delivery in the 2019/2020 marketing year. The deal comes as hopes continue for a partial trade deal between the world’s two largest economies. Reuters said this is the first U.S. government confirmation of a soybean sale to […]

Hawley, Blackburn, Introduce Bill to Move Most Federal Agencies

It may not be just a few USDA offices moving out of D.C., if a pair of senators have their wish.  Missouri Senator Josh Hawley introduced legislation last week to move the Department of Agriculture to Missouri.  Joined by Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, the Republicans seek to move the headquarters of USDA to Missouri and […]