Difference Between Short-term & Long-term Programs

Ken Isley is the the USDA’s Administrator for Foreign Agricultural Service.  At a recent House subcommittee hearing to discusses how the Agency has programs that are designed to by short-term disaster relief, and how they are different than programs designed for more mid to long-term assistance.  So, what is the difference between those short term USDA program, and for example the U.S Agency for International Development, also known U.S. AID.


“We’re identifying priority countries with similar criteria but aren’t necessarily implementing in some of the most difficult countries from a security standpoint like US AID and others are more equipped to do.”


Isley said a good example is Venezuela.


“We did award Venezuela subject on the democratic transition of Venezuela to go in and provide capacity building work to re-establish some of their agricultural capacity to produce for their own domestic use and for export, and to be and export market for the U.S. as well.”



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